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Welcome to the jacducks Bufflehead Decoy Page.

My buddy the Buffie has saved many a hunt for me. Just a beautiful little bird they are very widespread in both breeding areas and wintering areas which are mostly costal areas. Breeding at 2 years of age they pair up in early April. Nesting is done in tree cavities usually old flicker holes

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. Laying 5 to 17 eggs per nest they incubate in 28 to 33 days after the last egg is laid. Flight begins at 50 to 55 days.
If you have ever decoyed butterballs you know they come in very well. Try Buffie decoys and it is even better. I have had them land directly beside my buffie dekes in the UP of MI and MS as well as many other places.

My information is gleaned from Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America by Frank C. Bellrose, a book I recommend for anyone interested in waterfowl.

Buffies are one of my favorite ducks. I put a few on the edge of my diver spread away from the ‘eyes. Mostly drakes are my choice. Again I like that white drawing power.

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