I have always believed that the hunter that really needs cork decoys is that guy that hunts big water and that means divers.

Then I took a trip to Fish Point Lodge on Saginaw Bay for my Birthday in Nov. of 2000 and had a guided hunt over big water.

The decoy spread surprised me as they went against conventional wisdom and had puddlers and divers mixed. We had both kinds of birds come into the same spot in the spread.

They have very good results with their spreads and have been doing it a long time successfully.

I love those little teal. They are great eating and great fun to shoot. When we had a point system I would always opt for the 10 pointers if I could. Imagine 10 birds for a days shoot.

Mallards are the bread and butter of all puddler spreads.

I would be glad to carve some for you.

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I love to see the black ducks that live in my area. These below are last years model.

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Wood Ducks

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