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Cork hunting decoys at their finest.

Mr and Mrs Mallard are the most widely recognized duck of our sport. Found from the Arctic to the subtropics of Europe, Asia and North America. Most domestic ducks owe their origin to the mallard. The breeding habitat is thusly widespread and migration routes are also wide and varied.
An interesting note from a recent DU and MI State U showed from radio collaring the predation loss in the middle of MI. The final announcement of the study impressed me greatly saying that if 14% of eggs survive the flock will increase. Amazing numbers for me!

Much of my information is gleaned from Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America by Frank C. Bellrose, a book I recommend for anyone interested in waterfowl.

High heads

Low heads

Feeder heads

Sleeper heads

I put them all to work for you. Head position is determined by how the body feels in my hands.

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