If you feel the way I do about waterfowl then you love Decoys and Dogs as well.
Our love is so strong for our retrievers that I have decided to specialize in carving URNs to store the ashes of out retrievers that are hunting in the sky without me.  I have made it so now those retrievers can hunt with me again at least one hunt a year.

This link is so you can preview what I have so far and decide if this is something you might like for you best pal,

Stardust Song Cottenham MH and I had a great day on Saginaw Bay recently
 Kate had her day also but it was a bit different

 Some Christmas Present ideas for you


I am receiving so many orders for URNs for retrievers so you can click the link and see just a few.
More will be added as they get ready to migrate.



The Decoys of CORK and CEDAR or other northern woods are on the next few pages so click the links and check them out.

For over two thousand years,  hunters have used decoys to attract a variety of waterfowl for food, for their plumage, and for recreational sport.


Looking for a home

These guys and gals have been carved by me in what little spare time I have.

Mostly a labor of love and not showing a favorite carving, they just show up on my paint drying shelf and want to live somewhere else.