Redheads are my favorite because they are such pretty decoys. Bluebills are the ones that I use to draw birds to my spread because of all the white and the visibility factor. And what decoy site would be complete without Cans?

I am adding this years decoys to the pictures, however those Redheads are still here for sentimental reasons.

Redhead Decoys


I have created these special Canvasbacks copied from cedar blocks first carved
by Max C. Neumann
of Fish Point
on Saginaw Bay
of Lake Huron.
I was fortunate enough to have met Max and talk him out of a couple of these Cans.
Simple and very effective since the 1930’s. I am still using the cedar blocks in my diver spread. I am honored to offer these premium cork copies of Max’s tried and true pattern.
Incidentally Max never had a hen in his spread.
This is the decoy that was featured in Waterfowler . com magazine. The pictures in the magazine were taken on pool 8 of the Mississippi River.

canvasback ducks


This jumbo Can drake is my latest addition. This guy spent time in San Diego and got numerous compliments even though judges do not like those high headed birds.
I am offering these decoys for $85 each. Drop me an email for measurements.
High head, regular head and low head are the choices. Hope you like him.

canvasback ducks

Bluebill Decoy Page

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Goldeneye Decoy Page

Bufflehead Decoy Page.

I really like these guys. I rarely hunt puddlers without some Ringnecks on the perimeter of the spread. This is one bird I never add hens to.

Ringneck Decoy Page

This Ringneck went to San Diego to the big show out there in Feburary and took a ribbon for his effort. He is just like his breatheren and was sold as a working decoy to a customer.

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