Price list

Unfortunately as with most things my cost have gone up so much that I am unable to absorb the additional cost without passing the increases on.

All of my CORK DECOYS are carved of premium Portuguese  cork.
They have wooden heads, glass eyes and are painted with a combination of airbrush and brushing with ACRYLIC LATEX PAINTS. Some prefer the painting to be done with ARTISTS OILS so to meet that demand I am offering cork decoys painted in oils. Limited detailing is done with brush work.
Their tails are part of the body and are reinforced to keep your pup from breaking them off. I prefer cork tails over the wooden inserts.

A weighted keel helps make the diver decoys self righting. Size is 6.5″w x 12″ long making them larger than life.

Cork Decoy painted in acrylics
$180 each for any specie I carve.

Cork Decoy painted in artists oils
$215 each for any specie I carve.

Jumbo decoys can be purchased at an extra cost.



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Add self-righting keels to any decoy  $20 additional per decoy.
Smaller wooden keels are standard on all decoys unless otherwise specified in the original order.




Wooden decoys painted in
Artists oils
Either Cedar or White Pine these decoys are used for hunting or placing on the mantle. Solid or hollow bodies are your choice with price adjustment for hollow bodies. Style can be either contemporary or classic patterns your choice.

$250 each for any specie I carve in solid body.

$350  Hollow wooden decoys

Selected species suitable as URNS for your best pal. Hollow with 3″ plug for interring ashes.  Preferred species because of size to hold your best friend well are Canvasback, Redhead, Bluebill, Goldeneye, Mallard, Pintail, Black, Wood Duck. 

I can also offer additional such as laser engraving of name, call name, titles and date etc that we can discuss on order.  As always I work with you on what you desire and then I do my thing.  You receive photos for approval and if they are satisfactory we arrange shipping and payment.


As with all my carvings if I am not comfortable with that individual specie I will not carve it just to get your money

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